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Rider Testimonials

Some call it unbelievable! We call it attention to details!

". . . the best placement of my racing life." -- Chris Fox, semipro XC racer from SLC, UT after taking 3rd at Sea Otter in 2003 one week after getting his wobblenaught fit.

We have fitted the the best riders in the game and the results are in. Wobble-naught's laser precision fitting system fits the bicycle to the cyclist. Wobble-naught's quantitative scientific solution places a biker into the best ergonomically correct position, designed to improve biker's performance and reduce physiological stress on the body. Maximum performance will be achieved. We have fit thousand's of serious bikers. Below are comments from a few of those cyclist.

Alex Gardner
Mark Parent, MD
Remi McManus
Sally Warner
Shawn Grossman
Darren Lightfield
Joelle Ypma
Lorien Lightfield
Craig Upton
Shawn Mitchell
Stacy Stuart
Tom Liby
Jamie Goffin
Sarah Konrad
Claudia Soddemann
Eric Messenger
Bart Gillespie
Mike Hattrup
Roberto Gaggioli
Brady Harter
Jenny Hennessy
Jay Merritt
Simone Otto
Calvin Allen
Jon Gould


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